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Let's see how many marks we can get. Where are you guys from?

Add one mark to your state
Arizona: ||
Arkansas: |
California: |||||||||||||||
Colorado: ||l
Connecticut: |
Florida: ||||||||
Georgia: ||
Hawaii: ||
Idaho: I
Illinois: |
Iowa: |||
Kansas: |
Kentucky: |||
Maine: |
Maryland: ||
Massachusetts: |||
Michigan: |||||||
Minnesota: |
Missouri: |
Nevada: |
New Hampshire:
New Jersey: |||||
New Mexico:
New York: |||
North Carolina: |
North Dakota: |
Ohio: l
Ontario: |
Pennsylvania: ||
Rhode Island: |
South Carolina:
South Dakota:
Texas: ||||||
Vermont: ||
Virginia: ||
West Virginia:
Wisconsin: |||
I'm from Canada why did you only include states: ||||||
I'm from the Caribbean what are you talking about: |
I'm from Italy and there's nothing to add: ||||
I'm from Serbia do you even know where that is: |
I'm from Britain the country which INVENTED America: |||||||||||
I'm from Sweden where your IKEA furniture comes from: |||
I'm from New Zealand where the Hobbits are from: |||||
I'm from Scotland where the Haggis are from: |||
I'm from Poland where vodka is from: ||||||||||||
I'm from Hungary, some calls it Narnia: ||||
I'm from England, all we do is drink tea: |||||||||||
I'm from Germany where... oh fuck it: ||||||||
I'm from Portugal where the Nando's cockerel comes from: |||
I'm from Denmark can you spell Bacon: |
I'm from Norway, we are vikings : ||
I'm from Spain, and it's not in Mexico: |
I'm from Venezuela, where your petroleum comes from: |
I'm from Wales where all the sheep come from: ||||
I'm from Australia where we play frisbee with fucking crocodiles: ||||
I'm from Israel- We ride Camels: |
I'm from Greece, γαμώ το κέρατο μου, δηλαδή!: |||||||||
Bitch please,I'm from Bosnia and Herzgovina: |
Some of you sexy motherfuckers heard about Republic of Moldova:
Turkey bitch, Turkish pride all around: |